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THE SPRING IN ME (138 words)

By Jyothi Nookula

I ate mangoes every day.

Juice smeared all over my face.

The summer breeze danced on my lips.

But it didn’t last long.

A war marched into town,

filled with rage and fury.

At first, it was a spark.

Then, it roared fire.

Like the crisp fall leaves,

we abandoned our homes.

I walked through fields,

and climbed over hills.

I ran in the cold,

as winter fluttered wings of snow.

The war took everything.

I trudged until I reached a row of tents.

Inside children clasped mangoes.

“Go away,” they said. “There is no more to share.”

I turned around to leave.


“I brought you this,” she said. “We can share.”

In the depths of my winter,

Her kindness gave me warmth.

And I bloomed.

The war had taken everything,

but not the spring in me.

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